Is Living in an RV Safe for Me?


Recreational vehicles are a lot of fun, the good kind of fun. When we want to explore God’s green planet in all its glory, hitting the road is an amazing way to take in the sights.  RVs are our best hope for doing so while being as convenient and pleasant as possible. In the same vein, when we want to be alone and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we can pull a getaway in our RVs and go on an adventure. This can be a lot of fun because it’s just you and your thoughts, unaffected by the outside world, or a fantastic family holiday. This is so intriguing that it often draws folks in who seek a nomadic lifestyle, living in different campsites with your RV as your home.

However, this has raised worries among many people about the safety of living in a camper vehicle. This is not an unfounded concern because looking at it from a non-adventurous point of view. When you decide to start living in a recreational vehicle, you might be exposed to several types of situations, but worry not. This article will serve as a guide on how to live safely and comfortably in your recreational vehicle.

Living in an RV Can Be a Safe Option

Sometimes because you love the nomadic life, because you want to enjoy Mother Nature at its best on your terms, you plan an enjoyable trip on your RV, and this gets to you. You love the lifestyle you choose to make your RV your makeshift or even permanent home but doing so without the tips below might be dangerous.

Before you decide to live in your recreational vehicle, you need to be sure that you know the lay of the land. You have to make sure that you research the next location that you’ll be staying, the next campsite. Check out their weather patterns and their animal protection policies, as this would ensure you know whether or not the area suits you.

Also, if you decide to be away from people and live in your recreational vehicle, you must bear in mind that being away from people will equally mean being away from help in case of any emergency. It also means being away from first responders; therefore, it might take a while before help comes. You want to be prepared with all the necessary emergency tool kits, stock up your RV with first aid kit boxes, and extra parts and tools you might need during mechanical emergencies.

Because this is where you may shower, cook, and conduct other activities that cause moisture to enter the air, you should air out your RV regularly. This could subsequently condense, leading to mold infestation, which is neither healthy nor safe for you.


There are no areas or living arrangements that are entirely free of problems, but knowing how to deal with them may just be the difference between life and death. Finally, as a camper, make it a point always to have a map, not only a digital map but also a paper map, in your recreational vehicle because it will always come in handy.

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