What Is Clutch Slipping and How Do You Spot it?

Do you face difficulty while you drive your car if your clutch begins to slip? This can be a cause of concern as you might not be able to operate your gears properly and this will hamper the performance of your car.

What Causes a Clutch Slip?

In easier terms, when a clutch begins to function improperly it is called a clutch slip. A lot of reasons can cause this to happen such as:

  • Disc plate not working properly
  • Aggressive driving, which accelerates the engine
  • Moving the gears extremely fast
  • Extremely hot temperatures

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How to Spot a Clutch Slip

If you know little to nothing about what goes on under the bonnet, it’s still quite easy to figure out when the clutch starts to slip. A burning smell may start to emanate from the engine over time as the engine begins to overheat.

Another identifying factor can be difficulty in changing the gears of your car, which is an obvious sign that something is wrong with the clutch.

There are other steps involved as well. You might also lose momentum while you drive, which indicates malfunctioning of your clutch. If your clutch tends to become sticky after you press it, it might be due to the same reason.

Lastly, if you accelerate and your rev is more than usual, this can also be an indication of a clutch slip.

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